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Identified only as Mr Huang, the liquor maker was unable to keep up the illegal practice after customers noticed the unusual side-effect of drinking the spirits, which were marketed as 'nutritional healthy liquor', according to China News Agency.

Huang, who founded Nine Springs Ecological Agriculture Development Company in Hubei province, was said to have purchased 1kg of Sildenafil – marketed as Viagra and Revatio – on the internet in January and added it to his alcoholic beverages without mentioning it on the label.
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So Tinder has revealed the top six sports by gender that were most-swiped in Rio, but they didn't get specific about which athletes may have been the chosen ones. That leaves us left guessing which athletes they might not be mentioning...

For Women's Sports they listed:

Table Tennis, Field Hockey, Rowing, Weightlifting...

...and Rugby and Swimming.

For Men's sports they listed:

Tennis, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Sport Shooting, Judo...

...and Boxing.

Wait, let's take a look at that Judo guy again...

Okay, yeah, we get it.


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After making this joke at adult video star Lisa Ann's expense, the lady was kind enough to take him out to the AVN Awards (it's like the Fapping Oscars, but with more awards given for butt stuff than heartbreaking tales of human cruelty in the antebellum south). Well, good on him I guess?

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