Things Get Sad and Awkward When a Guy Gets Stabbed in the Middle of a Metal Show

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Surprisingly, no gore or violence in the video itself!

Skip to 1:40 to get to the moment in question.

You never know what might happen at a Cattle Decapitation show. You know, like attempted murder.

The band seemed to take it fairly well, but clearly there are some people in the crowd that need an adjustment in perspective. Or maybe they're just too Trve Kvlt for us normies to understand.

Rescue of the Day: Helicopter Saves Cop from Floods in Texas, Refuses to Put Him Down

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A dramatic rescue in Sachse, Texas quickly took a turn for the funny on Friday, when a local cop was brought on a lengthy joyride over a farm.

In the video above from FOX 4 news, the unnamed officer is airlifted by a Department of Public Safety helicopter after his car gets stuck in the rising flood waters.

The news anchors covering the event watch as he attaches himself to the harness and soars off to safety.

But once they’ve reached dry land, they don’t let him down very quickly. Instead he is taken on a 4-minute long flight across some cow-filled pastures while the world watches and the anchors laugh.

“Where are they taking him?” asks one of them, to which the other replies “It’s kind of an odd sight, isn’t it?”

They joke that maybe the extended trip was punishment for ruining a perfectly good police car.

He was eventually lowered to the ground, and will likely rise up to viral video stardom.

“He’s happy to be out and safe,” another cop named Lt. Marty Cassidy told WFAA news. “He knows he’s not going to live this down.”