chinese new year fail This Suggestive Chinese New Year Poster Is Definitely Hiding Something
Via: Lehu Zhang
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As the poster says, 2016 is the year of the monkey. Do you see the monkey in this minimalist design? The little ears, kind of a long face but it's pretty clear. Some people have pointed out that it looks like something else... though it's hard to place it. 

What is it... 

via @Decertati0

No that can't be it. 

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How rude! 

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Yes, that's it! Exactly what I was thinking...

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Los Angeles is well known for the terrible highway traffic so if you're about to tell the people of that city that construction will cause MORE traffic jams, you better have a special way of doing it. Mayor Eric Garcetti's slow jam will soothe and charm you, even if your weekend plans have been ruined. 

He also has this amazing quote about slow jams and planned traffic delays:

via @LAMayorsOffice

Is this cool? Is it not cool? It should be on the level of your high school teacher "rapping" about chemistry but the smooth sounds of saxophone have me all confused. 

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