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"Yeah, Could I Get Two Big Macs and Some Large Fries, Please?"

drive thru fire McDonald's truck - 6510906624
By Unknown

He Just Keeps Going and Going and Going...

cars truck - 6878469120
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Doesn't Get Much More Straightforward Than That

business name monday thru friday truck - 8404320768
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The Customer Swears it Was Like That When He Got It

monday thru friday truck - 8267401472
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We're #1!!

poopin slogans supplies TP truck - 5102360064
By Unknown

The Customer Says it Was Like This When He Got It

broken monday thru friday work truck - 8166778880
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A Rare Specimen

monday thru friday truck UPS g rated - 8326046720
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Should've Used Some

monday thru friday truck - 8398422784
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art awesome boredom covered creativity in the workplace cubicle prank decoration dickhead co-workers mess neon post its prank pwned screw you sculpture truck wasteful wiseass wrapping - 3489968128
By Unknown

Sometimes It's Just One of Those Days

monday thru friday truck - 8409480192
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clearance crash freeway highway sign truck - 6284146432
By Unknown

Must Be the Easiest Delivery Route Ever

monday thru friday fedex small truck g rated - 8408456704
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Safe AND Festive!

monday thru friday christmas christmas lights truck - 8397768960
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We Have Clearance, Clarence

clearance g rated Hall of Fame monday thru friday truck van - 6420721920
By Unknown

Where Do I Apply?

monday thru friday driver truck - 8376944896
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Measure Twice, Drive Once

monday thru friday stuck truck bridge g rated - 8270250496
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