Unfair Manager Threatens Staff, They All Walk Out

It's everyone's fantasy at some point in time to be able to just say enough is enough and walk out the door of their job. These employees were put through enough that they felt it was a reasonable option. And not only that, they came back for burgers. For another satisfying walkout story, here's an employee who walked out but ended up getting promoted. And here are some "screw this, I'm out" moments.

unfair manager threatens staff with write up and they all walk out | O r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Blewyouremyboy 10 hours ago O 9 10 3 10 9. Work double and get written up or oc M high school few friends and myself worked at local chain restaurant were fully able run day shift but had never really broken down equipment and closed up evening. One particular night few night shift had called sick were asked pull double and close restaurant, which did. Essentially worked 10a.m. until after mi
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