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The Bills Kicker Knows How a Monday Back At Work After a Holiday Weekend Always Feels

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NFL Kickoff on ESPN: More Princess Bride References Than You Ever Suspected

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Eli Manning Got a New Nickname Courtesy of FOX Closed Captioning

funny fail images FOX closed captioning gives NFL Eli Manning penguin boy nickname
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Whoops! The Columbus Dispatch Accidentally Credits John Elway With 7 TD Passes Instead of Peyton Manning

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That's Florida for Ya

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From the Marketing Department: I was tired of that pansy looking panther anyway

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Redskins Legend Dexter Manley States Black QBs Show More Mobility Because 'They're Used to Running From the Law'

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"I Don't Even Know How I Got Here!"

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Going Balls Out on the 40 Yard Dash (Literally)

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