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Cookies Will Take Away Your Life, Your Job, Your Happiness...

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This Explains Everything

monday thru friday toilet paper science g rated - 8381453312
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That Seems Fitting

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All in a Day's Work

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When Shopping For a Jacket Turns Into an Adventure

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There is No Escape

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Give the Sign Guy a Chance

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The Old Push Pin Trick

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That One Coworker...

monday thru friday coworkers mess cubicle - 8294117120
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It's Super Effective!

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This is You

Babies monday thru friday g rated - 7301800704
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The Design Department Was on Strike

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The Thirst is Real

Text - YOU HAD 39 st 4 0 st floor floor 6 st floor floor ONEJO...
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I KNEW They Were Holding Out On Me

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The Office Sandwich Thief: An Epistolary Saga

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You Should See What They Keep the Bathroom Key Attached To

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