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Be Careful Where You Put Your Banana

fruit notes monday thru friday work - 8031362816
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Top-of-the-Line Safety Measures

googly eyes monday thru friday safety first earthquake - 8376968192
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With 100% Human Labor

monday thru friday label earth - 8369292800
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Curse You, Gravity!

monday thru friday Gravity truck g rated - 8402511104
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That's One Way to Hide a Poor Sanitation Rating

cards hidden monday thru friday g rated - 7047038720
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That's Me!

monday thru friday coworkers g rated - 8376898816
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No Ladder, No Problem

monday thru friday chair retail shopping cart - 8420115712
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False Advertising!

monday thru friday bakery bagel truck business name - 8397668864
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A Deal So Good You Won't Be Able to Blink

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It Sure Will Be, Anyway...

monday thru friday sign kfc misspelling spelling fast food g rated - 8386790400
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A Guide to Every Grocery Store in Existence

grocery stores pleated jeans monday thru friday g rated - 6823511552
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The Benefits of Working for a Small, Local Business

comics complaints business cards monday thru friday g rated - 7264832768
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Are You Sure About That?

Target condoms monday thru friday g rated - 7844811776
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I'm Not (Fe)-Lyin'

monday thru friday sign pets puns Cats g rated - 8131047424
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Which One Do You Have?

monday thru friday boss leader - 8287944960
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Well Played, Delivery Guy

monday thru friday package hidden delivery - 8437837824
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