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It's Not Enough Amymore

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His Temperament Was Savage and His Work Habits Philistine

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But You'd Be in MANAGEMENT!

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Rapidly Moving Towards a Master's Degree Now

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Too bad....150k entitles you to poop in the mezzanine

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Coding is Fun! Not really. Actually it's a nightmare. But still!

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Sage Advice

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A Work Meme Within a Work Meme

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Our "Absurdity" Department Just Got a new Fellowship

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Whoever Wrote This Headline Either Had a Brain Fart or Knew Exactly What They Were Doing

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Some Questions Are Too Depressing To Answer

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What is This "Job" You Speak Of?

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The Cycle Continues

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You Know What, You Can Just Go F-

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A Heartwarming Poem

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