Anti-Theft WIN

anti-theft backpack clever clothes clothing fashion tag theft thief - 5655005440
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: Please Don't Start the Guitar Melody

graffiti hacked irl led zeppelin Music tag - 5412556032
By Unknown

Challenge Tag WIN

alcohol challenge drinking graffiti tag wall - 5368705280
By Unknown

Street Art WIN

90s nergasm nostalgia Street Art tag - 6532563200
By Unknown

Literary Street Art WIN

clever graffiti literature poem Street Art tag - 5742389248
Via Flavorwire

Hacked IRL: In Wuv

caution graffiti hacked irl love relationships romance sign street sign tag - 5189267712
By maxystone

Hacked IRL: Fighting Crime

graffiti hacked irl Protest rebel Street Art tag - 5522021376
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: Another WIN for Banksy

art banksy graffiti hacked irl plane Street Art tag - 5554066432
By Unknown

Helpful Reminder WIN

clothing helpful note reminder tag wash - 5299678976
By Unknown

The Ultimate Resume

quotes wisdom tag funny - 7752243456
Via Bits and Pieces

Font Graffiti WIN

font geeky graffiti joke pun reading reading is sexy tag - 5223314688
By Unknown

Instructions WIN

fashion instructions clothing tag - 7401182208
By Unknown

Gollum Wall Art WIN

art detail gollum Hall of Fame nerdgasm pop culture Street Art tag urban - 5501234432
Via Geeks are Sexy

Hacked IRL: Away We Go!

books graffiti hacked irl narnia tag - 5407219712
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: Live Life to the Fullest

graffiti hacked irl shark week tag true facts wisdom - 5813577728
Via iheartpickles

Hacked IRL: Right This Way, Please

clever commentary graffiti hacked irl Street Art tag - 6260688640
Via Laughing Squid