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Creating a Mythos WIN

drama dramatic failbook spider super hero - 6372673536
By Unknown
american ninja warrior girls obstacle course super hero Video win - 82307585

Jessie Graff Flies Through Stage 1 of the American Ninja Warrior Course, Just Like Super Girl Would

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DIY Spider-Man WIN

DIY only in russia Spider-Man super hero - 5972340736
By Unknown

Super-Socks WIN

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Hacked IRL: Vote for Vengeance

batman election graffiti hacked irl super hero tag voting - 5378902016
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Super in Their Own Way WIN

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Bat-Armor WIN

armor batman comic book fan nerdgasm super hero - 5879202048
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Elevator Ad WIN

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Hacked IRL: Web-Slinger

graffiti hacked irl Spider-Man super hero - 5107550208
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