Anti-Fun WIN

college ouch signs snow snowman winter - 4461815040
By Unknown

Blunt Advertising WIN

advertisement billboard gym honesty ouch work out - 5379300608

Hacked IRL: Not the Eye!

bathroom eye face hacked irl hand dryer ouch - 5323198976
By Unknown

Thief Punishment WIN

ouch sign punishment thief - 6743826432
By Unknown

Harsh WIN

ouch sign stealing thief - 6379368192
Via Reddit
ouch slow motion Video - 64676353

OUCH of the Day: Why Tattoos Sting - Tattooing in Slow Motion

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ouch Video g rated win - 64321793

This Skater Has the Perfect Reaction After Recovering From a Huge Fall

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Clever-Mean Ad WIN

advertising bus clever ouch - 5949010688
Via Cubicle Bot
ouch humor injury australia doctors Video - 75423745

Some Emergency Doctors Actually Practice Laughter as the Best Medicine

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Your Bones Will Pop Just Watching This

ouch flexible gifs - 8270548480
Via Brown Cardigan
ouch mouse trap Wait For It Video g rated win - 68447233

In the Game of Mousetrap Jenga, You Win or You OUCH

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Harsh Motivation WIN

ouch motivation sports running marathon - 6875342336
By Unknown

Shots Fired WIN

accidental win alcohol mistake ouch Party store - 6619242752
By Unknown


ouch - 3768467456
By Unknown

Do Not Return WIN

found marriage ouch signs - 4449390336
By Boston_Moon
ouch vine Video - 69808129

Riff Raff's Bodyguard Lays Waste to an Invasive Fan

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