art design nifty carving - 69722113

Turning Ordinary Drywall into Gorgeous Art

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bridge design nifty neat Video - 65119233

This Footbridge Looks Like it Might Cut Up Potential Pedestrians

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The Sun Pedestal

photography design nifty - 8126194432
Via Dashburst
nifty Video - 57369601

Check Out How Lighting Can Make Anyone Look Crazy, or Happy, or Sexy

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Music percussion nifty Video g rated win - 70688769

Music With Tools!

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Animal of the Day: Rare Sierra Nevada Red Fox Found in Yosemite National Park

nifty science animals - 8438096640

This Web-Thin Design is Made Entirely of Paper

art design paper nifty - 8298988544
Via Maude White
nifty pretty colors Video g rated win - 62932225

Bubble Juggling? Is That a Thing Now?

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design failboat nifty Video - 65782273

This Cool Boat Design Adapts to Any Wave it Faces

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neat cars driving nifty Video speed limit g rated win - 67219457

This Road Sings You a Song, but Only if You Drive at the Right Speed!

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App book design diagram ipad nifty Video x ray - 30351105

Interactive X-Ray Book WIN

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Like Peeling the Plastic Off a Phone Screen

design interesting nifty - 8347708672
Via 95-

Getting Above the Clouds in Dubai

Brother Nature FTW dubai nifty photogrpahy - 8414076928
Via Daniel Cheong

Vortex WIN

bottle glass nifty science - 5873459200
Created by Unknown
candy nifty Video - 70384641

A Red Hot Nickel Ball Turns a Jawbreaker into a Volcano of Liquid Sugar

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Accidental Art From Frozen Soda

Via Derp128