Got milk? We do. It would be utter-ly inconsiderate of us not to provide you with hilarious and punny memes and jokes all about that great source of Calcium. These silky smooth laughs will have you making sure you grow big and strong with another glass of milk to go with them.

Free Stuff WIN

accident free stuff grocery store milk receipt - 5655022848
Created by Unknown

Clever Invention WIN

cookies food g rated Hall of Fame kitchen milk oreo utensil win - 5733569024
Created by Unknown

Bowl Design WIN

animals bowl cat design hidden milk shape - 5286073600
Via Neatorama

Milk Carton WIN

advice clever good advice hidden message message milk warning - 5273806592
Created by Unknown
dancing job classic win milk Video - 75082241

This Dancing Cow Has Got Mooooves

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Milk Delivery WIN

clever delivery milk slogan - 6261763584
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Baby has needs!

aww funny cat memes lolcats adorable milk kitten cute cute cats funny cats meow Cats cat memes - 9339518720
See all captions Created by allcatsloved

Time to Wait for an Accident!

logo milk clever truck g rated win - 7112578304
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Snack of the Day: Milk and Cookie Shots

milk - 8093582848
Via Dominique Ansel

Spilled Milk Brings All the Cats to the Yard

spilled milk brings all the cats to the yard
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Carton WIN

food glass home milk - 5117550592
Created by Unknown

Excess Chocolate Milk WIN

awesome at work clever milk notes signs - 4670628864
Created by chrismikejones

Nesquik and Trill

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Milk Pitcher WIN

cute design milk - 6592447232
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Hacked IRL: Sorry, I'm Street Art Intolerant

99 graffiti hacked irl milk Occupy Wall Street Street Art - 5675408896
Created by Unknown