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Latte Art WIN

adventure time breakfast coffee coffee art latte art Memes memes IRL pedobear Pokémon rage faces - 5737764608
Via nivvy

Rage Faces Sculpture WIN

art comic comics internet Memes memes IRL rage rage faces school sculpture - 5177843456
By Unknown

Making the News WIN

memes IRL news RPG - 6100519168
By Unknown
cover internet marching band Memes memes IRL Video - 29489153

Viral Marching Band WIN

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Rage Face Jeopardy WIN

Jeopardy meme memes IRL rage face television - 5396177920
By Unknown

Chalk Art Just Got Grumpy

Grumpy Cat Street Art memes IRL chalk art - 7401902592
Via Reddit
band cover internet medley meme memes IRL song Video - 28867073

Internet Medley WIN

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City Council WIN

cartoons election futurama Memes memes IRL political television why not zoidberg - 5419320832
By Unknown

Sobe Fact WIN

fact Harry Potter meme memes IRL - 5496793344
Via Reddit

Mii Gusta WIN

memes IRL nerdgasm Videogames wii - 5024607488
By -Rukia_Kuchiki-

How Did This Sneak Into the Paper?

headline memes IRL newspaper - 7039549696
Via Daniel Sircar

Company Name WIN

business memes IRL sign troll - 5069037056
By Unknown

Homework WIN

assignment doodle homework meme memes IRL school - 5183278592
By rafabarreto7

Memes IRL: Lego Sad Keanu

keanu reeves memes IRL sad keanu - 4899362560
By meganeguard

New York Times Correction WIN

correction memes IRL mistake my little pony newspaper - 5653956352
By Unknown