No one expected me to enter the cereal bowl eating contest, but not to worry, I have a few Trix up my sleeves.

Now What do You Do?

pun lemons cereal - 7119622656
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Only the Good Stuff WIN

cereal g rated Hall of Fame marshmallows nostalgia win - 5917549824
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Hacked IRL: Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs

cereal food hacked irl junk food modification Street Art - 5304424704

We've Found it, the Keystone Fruit Loop!

nifty food cereal - 8414089984
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breakfast cereal food marshmallows - 4663843072
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Enjoying Your Stanley Cup WIN

cereal cheerios hockey sports - 6514535168
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The Mothership is Always the Most Delicious

The Mothership is Always the Most Delicious
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Lucky Charms Chart WIN

cereal food graphs venn diagram - 4516218112
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Breakfast is Something Special This Morning

breakfast cereal lucky - 8139956736

Cereal Sifter WIN

cereal clever DIY - 5351980544
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You Da Man, Kyle

kyle comes in clutch with milk for cereal
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Never Has This Vehicle Been More Apt

cars cereal snow winter - 8017508096
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breakfast Challenge Accepted Video cereal - 80251905

Could You Get Cereal About a Cinnamon Toast Crunch Challenge and Spoon Your Way Through 7,700 Calories?

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This Balanced Breakfast

gif breakfast funny cereal - 7734644992
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A Giant Brick of Morning Breakfast Nostalgia

yes please food cereal - 8425262592
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Making Cereal WIN

cereal disneyland splash mountain - 6061614080
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