Animal of the Day: Rare Sierra Nevada Red Fox Found in Yosemite National Park

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This Two-Toned Lobster is One in 50 Million

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You'd Have to be Crazy to Swim With This Reptile

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A Whole Mountain of Crabs Moves in Formation to Protect Themselves. Creepy or Cool?

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These Eagles Acted Very American When They Decided to Hunt Down a Drone Mid-Air

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Elephant Hand WIN

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By sixonefive72
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Looking Out For a Squirrel WIN

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Meanwhile in Canada WIN

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The Life, Death, and Rebirth of the World's (Un)Luckiest Seagull

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Hacked IRL: Under Construction

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By Tmester
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Clear the Dance Floor, This Chihuahua's Got the Best Breakdance Moves

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Thanks for the Catch, Elephant Friend!

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How Do You Save a Boat-Jumping Dolphin? Start By Giving It the Wet Shirt Off Your Back

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Hacked IRL: Awesome Helper Monkey

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By Unknown
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The 2016 Olympics Need This Tiny Hamster Agility Course

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Relaxation is a Manatee Cuddle Party

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