Alien Chess Set WIN

alien chess g rated nerdgasm pop culture Predator sci fi win - 5672170752
Via Neatorama

Pez Dispenser WIN

alien candy clever custom nerdgasm toy - 5336680192
Created by Unknown

Xenomorph T-Rex WIN

alien design lego nerdgasm - 6527578624
Via Neatorama

Alien Horse WIN

alien best of week Hall of Fame horse perspective weird - 6592594944
Via Joanne Casey

Alien Ice Tray WIN

alien design ice tray nerdgasm sci fi - 6104024832
Via Neatorama

Ice (Alien) Queen WIN

sculpture nerdgasm alien ice - 7061779200
Via Obvious Winner

Recognize Anything?

alien totally looks like hidden - 7075541248
Created by Unknown

Alien Bike WIN

alien bike gieger - 5022727680
Created by Shazbat

The LEGO Cycle of Alien Life Begins!

lego nerdgasm alien funny g rated win - 7495507712
Via Carlos Valero
facts about the movie alien

Awesome Facts About the Movie 'Alien'

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I Don't Have All The Answers But...

ancient aliens dvd lincoln
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Necklace WIN

necklace nerdgasm alien - 7443392512
Via Etsy

Alien Balloons WIN

alien Balloons design nerdgasm - 6499962624
Created by Unknown

Alien Banana WIN

alien banana carving food fruit g rated nerdgasm sci fi win - 5555307264
Created by Unknown
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