Ugliest Tattoos

tramp stamp

Just a Man Stamp

tramp stamp tribal tattoos - 6436146176
Created by Geesus

... From Behind

tramp stamp script funny - 4504410880
Created by Unknown

All Eyes on Me

eyes tramp stamp - 6413670400
Via ImCuteUNot

And They Call It Dolphin Love

beach dolphins love tramp stamp - 6563403776
Created by Unknown

You Disagree?

classy diamond tramp stamp - 5111133184
Created by sticky syrup

Forever Young

tramp stamp - 6956167680
Created by Unknown

Guess the Celebrity Tattoo

celeb tramp stamp - 6108887808
Via Daily Mail

She Wears Her Heart on Her Ass

heart tramp stamp wings - 6411071488
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos


tramp stamp - 6780434176
Created by vaneson

For Those Who Like to be Watched

tramp stamp eyes tribal weird - 7516355840
Created by FrauAdal

Does That Octopus Have a Dream Catcher in It Mouth?

wtf tramp stamp tattoos octopus funny - 4420689664
Created by Unknown

It's Her Daughter's Name

tramp stamp - 6537468672
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

Is This Rihanna's Tramp Stamp?

tramp stamp - 6642997248
Created by Unknown

Cat Ass Trophy

Cats tramp stamp - 6490587648
Created by crysdam

Money 4 Nothin' and Your D!cks 4 Free

money motto tattoo tramp stamp - 6338693888
Created by GalderGollum

Who Would Take a Bite Out of That Cherry?

tramp stamp cherries funny - 4762013696
Created by Unknown