Ugliest Tattoos

tramp stamp

Rebel Rebel, Your Tattoo is a Mess

confederate flag tramp stamp - 6503041536
Created by BoomBoomPow2011


facepalm g rated poor execution tattoos tramp stamp tramp stamps tribal Ugliest Tattoos - 5639506176
Created by Anonymous ( Via )

Supertramp Would Have Made More Sense

Music tramp stamp - 6249937920
Created by Unknown

Does That Octopus Have a Dream Catcher in It Mouth?

wtf tramp stamp tattoos octopus funny - 4420689664
Created by Unknown

It's Her Daughter's Name

tramp stamp - 6537468672
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos


tramp stamp - 6780434176
Created by vaneson

You Can't Handle This

tramp stamp - 6497549824
Created by Unknown

I'll Pass

back tattoo tramp stamp Ugliest Tattoos - 6320391680
Created by Unknown

Purrrrfectly Lame

cat flowers tramp stamp - 6568290816
Created by Unknown

I'd Hate to See the Caterpillar Emerge From its Cocoon

butterfly tramp stamp Ugliest Tattoos - 6410997760
Via Reddit

Blood and What Now?

tramp stamp - 6065116928
Created by Eyja ( Via Lunitatoo )

I Think it Explains Itself

tramp stamp funny - 4769112832
Created by Unknown

People All Over the World, Join In, Join the Love Train, Love Train

human centipede tramp stamp - 6655847936
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

You Disagree?

classy diamond tramp stamp - 5111133184
Created by sticky syrup

For Those Who Like to be Watched

tramp stamp eyes tribal weird - 7516355840
Created by FrauAdal

Money 4 Nothin' and Your D!cks 4 Free

money motto tattoo tramp stamp - 6338693888
Created by GalderGollum

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