There, I Fixed It


Kustom Kooling Kludges

computer fan cooling fan zipties - 6374349312
By Zyon_senpai

You Know Ground Effects? Well Here Are Some Earthquake Effects

body kit bumper fender zipties - 6527753984
By bilkat

Where Did You Even Get Those?

zipties car bumper car fix car fail bumper - 6968159232
By ImTheGoddamnBatman

Zip it up

zipties dishwasher - 7070170112
By Mr.Bill

Sewing for Engineers

engineers sewing zipties - 6613881856

Because Screw Shoe Laces

shoes zipties - 6589666560
By banner2010

We don't need no stinkin' nails!

zipties nails chair - 7118890496
By James

The Lawn Mower's New Air Filter

filter lawn mower sponge zipties - 6320264448
By Madis

Just as Cool as Before

zipties sunglasses glasses funny - 7667240192
By Unknown

Stay On, Damn You!

engine zipties - 6628186880
By mpjob

Easy Bumper Repair

zipties car bumper bumper - 7078366464
By Tonycop1

Ziptie Chic

zipties shoes - 7066643712
By Comi

Impossible to Lose

zipties wheel tire - 6976578304
By awall9999

Kludgeomotive 101

car fix engine pipe zipties - 6538904576
By MagikMitch

Zip It! Zip It Good!

glasses zipties - 6548115712
By bonerville