There, I Fixed It


Technically, It's Not a Tripod Anymore

camera cell phone holding it up rope tripod - 4638873088
By justinashar

Be Honest, There's No Way It Was Worth The Effort

classy homemade tripod - 3768033024
By Unknown


Professional At Work stable tripod - 4324673536
By Unknown

It's Sort of Like a Tripod

dual use Hall of Fame ladder Professional At Work tripod - 5150897920
By Andre Schurer

Take a Picture of Your Newly Shaven Mug

tripod camera digital camera - 6738284800
Via Recyclart

How Far Wood You Go for the Perfect Shot?

camera Photo photography tripod - 6584078592
By James Bacon

The Shoe Tripod

boot camera canon digital camera DIY shoe tripod - 6082287872
By Harris