There, I Fixed It


Parenting Level: Watermelon

baby g rated Hall of Fame high chair parenting there I fixed it watermelon - 6218081280
Created by Unknown

Thanks, Dad

dads there I fixed it tape g rated parenting - 7939548160
Via tastefully offensive tumblr

These Things Were Never Powerful Enough Anyway

battery DIY g rated overkill parenting there I fixed it toys - 5499487744
Created by Adrian Bonnette

World's Cheapest Babysitter

Babies cute parenting - 4330051584
Created by roblombardi

Availale Soon at Toys 'R Us

go kart kids parenting - 7465397760
Created by snoinjuly ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Third Child = No New Stuff

Babies parenting funny there I fixed it - 7707861504
Created by Jeff

Makeshift Stroller

Babies shopping cart parenting strollers there I fixed it - 7965431552
Via Acid Cow

Self-Installed Anti-Complaining Device

cars parenting television TV - 4736029440

Don't Worry, Baby (Monitor)

clothes pin parenting wtf - 5768110848
Created by chris niederer

Ahh, Here's the Problem. What Were They Thinking When They Built This?

Babies funny strollers g rated parenting - 7675220480
Created by Unknown

Teaching Them Young

cars electronics holding it up kids parenting - 5826978304
Created by Unknown

Follow Me, Junior!

bicycle dual use parenting towing - 4427531008
Created by Unknown

The Baby Wanted Some Fresh Air

FAIL car seats parenting - 7902930944
Created by UnDearsleyIsh ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )


dangerous for kids holding it up kids parenting - 4172792832
Created by wimberlylori
Mad Science Monday parenting Video wtf - 33839361

Mad Science Monday: Never Visit The Dentist Again

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This One Holds The Other Baby

dangerous dual use Hall of Fame holding it up parenting - 4995500288
Created by Unknown
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