There, I Fixed It


Top Step is Fixed!

concrete home repair laziness stairs - 4583628800
Created by Alan Finkelstein

This is For Bears... Right?

gross laziness toiler toilet paper wtf - 5705818112
Created by Unknown

So Close, So Far

cars laziness spoiler wtf - 4727960320
Created by scottmcguire

Vacuuming Day

duct tape holding it up laziness - 5041081344
Created by Naich

Meanwhile, At Lehman Brothers

dual use holding it up laziness Office - 3658810112
Created by Unknown

Only Off By A Couple Inches

computer case computer repair laziness USB - 4727995904
Created by Unknown

Laziness Level: Gold

chair college furniture laziness - 5854547200
Created by Unknown

Comes With Custom Curtains!

ac air conditioner curtains home improvement it-fits laziness - 4810955008
Created by minty2608

Dennis The Menace Is Getting Lazy

cheap fence laziness wood - 4751752704
Created by fail-rob

He Doesn't Want to Think Outside the Box

boxes laziness funny - 7583029760
Created by Mandi

We Caught Him!

construction holding it up laziness tape - 4766433280
Created by Vanos_Ira
dual use lawnmower laziness Video wheelchair - 18888705

Cheaper Than a New Engine

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Meanwhile, In Florida

dual use furniture laziness scooter - 4821061376
Created by MamaC

Tornadoes Aren't The Best Organizers

contractor laziness storage - 5446818304
Created by Steven

Foiled Again

cars convertible laziness waterproof wtf - 4753616128
Created by So Cal Jesi

Close Enough

holding it up laziness Professional At Work - 4949647360
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