There, I Fixed It


Bang bang Maxwell's hammer came down, and the auction was over.... Think that's how the story went anyways.


doing it wrong driving hammer Professional At Work wtf - 4091082240
Created by Unknown

A Smaller Hammer Was Out of the Question

hammer it-fits tools - 4430999040
Created by Unknown

Hammertime Has Been Delayed

hammer - 6149081856
Created by Unknown

Quad Use Tool

duct tape fork hammer - 4261627136
Created by Rob

You'll Be Able to Hammer Out a Solution

hammer fire extinguisher there I fixed it - 7196966912
Created by udawg71

Don't Mess Around. Just Smash and Chug.

alcohol drinking hammer Professional At Work tools - 5429178368
Created by wendyhord


hammer recycling-is-good-right screw use what you have weapon - 3502024448
Created by Unknown

Need to Fix an "Open" Button on the Microwave? I Think You Nailed It

button door hammer microwave - 5716510464
Created by Ben Finney

Let's Get Hammered!

bottle opener g rated Hall of Fame hammer there I fixed it - 6202182400
Created by Unknown


computer parts hammer hard drive nail - 4215647488
Created by nickel.pl8ed

Kludging Takes It's Toll on Even The Strongest of Us

broken hammer tools wtf - 4443480576
Created by Unknown


frankenstein hammer welding wrench - 3706742016
Created by Unknown

Five-Star Fire Alarms

fire fire alarm glass hammer in case of fire - 6291799296
Created by Brian Bridges

Good Ol' Rock. Nothing Beats That!

hammer holding it up tools wtf - 5164164608
Created by Jme

The Scrammer

hammer screwdriver - 5934952448
Via Schoolhouse

How Does I Physics?

fork hammer physics - 6061850880
Created by Unknown
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