There, I Fixed It


chainsaw art design robot carving Video - 46914305

Robo-Carver WIN

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Art of the Day: Street Artist INSA Creates World’s Largest Animated GIF

art gifs design - 8432902400
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Bathroom Decor WIN

design nerdgasm decoration video games - 6998072576
Created by Unknown

Transforming Home WIN

gifs design home - 6838374144
Created by Unknown

WIN!: Road Repair WIN

batman design repair road - 6568896000
Created by Unknown

WIN!: LEGO Wall Divider WIN

design home lego nerdgasm - 6154474496
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You're Doing This On Purpose, Aren't You?

design road best of week Hall of Fame - 6643385600
Created by Unknown
design not a kludge science Video - 21568001


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Art Kludge: A New Way To Make Art With A Pencil

art design not a kludge package pencil - 4754861056
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Dutch Kludge: Cooler Than Your Library

art books design library Netherlands not a kludge - 4756663552
Created by SR1977 ( Via )

Bathroom Design FAIL

urinal design bathroom - 7004428288
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