There, I Fixed It


Not Seen on MTV Cribs

classy holding it up television TV - 4451468544
Created by johnclayton

The Only Thing Old TVs Are Good For

DIY flat screen g rated HDTV obsolete stand technology there I fixed it TV - 5599897600
Created by Unknown

At Least the Picture Isn't Upside Down

TV projector cabinet - 6969796096
Created by Max C. Webster, III

The Amazing Heat-Producing TV Yule Log

fire TV - 4296880640
Created by Keith Weston

Spotted in Munich

television train TV - 6299635456
Created by Tsia

Can Wii Play It Now?

HDTV plasma tv Samsung television TV wii - 6499172096
Created by Unknown

A Dish Within A Dish

reception satellite dish TV - 5926724096
Created by BJBProductions

Together, They Form a Completely Functional Unit!

TV funny there I fixed it - 7823486720
Created by Katie

Wire Management Level: Circuitry Art

art ps3 TV video games - 6231092736
Via xbmc

The Universal Remote

remote TV - 6120502528
Created by Unknown

Because He Can, That's Why

computer repair laptop monitor TV - 5572397568
Created by Unknown

Self-Installed Anti-Complaining Device

cars parenting television TV - 4736029440

Hey Buddy, Whatcha Watchin' Big Guy?

cardboard computer g rated Hall of Fame monitor there I fixed it TV - 6308313344
Created by Unknown


flat screen Kludge Mission Improbable rope stand TV - 3752576768
Created by Unknown

Just in Time for the Superbowl

dish duct tape football satellite television TV - 5740450560
Created by Tomyironmane

This is Going to End Super Well!

car car fail furniture moving oversize load television TV - 6179803136
Created by Unknown
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