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A collection of brutal and creative insults that left people destroyed | Dude went looking like heartthrob highschool vampire romance novel author same novel. Tshegofatso mbongomuffin May die before my genes ever even try do like this. Amen.

Rare Insults That Left People Ruined

Clever as they are absolutely brutal.
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people who comment on things thinking they're being smart

17 Lords of Intellect Who Used Their Superior Minds to Ruin the Comments Section

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narcissism comments intelligence the internets cringe smart bragging youtube comments mind ego brain stupid intelligent intellectual douche - 7353349

15 Brain Champions Whose Enormous IQs Dwarf Your Puny Intellect

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Like a Dog Who Finally Caught its Tail

Via Acid Cow

I've Got a Fever, and the Only Prescription is Queen

queen freddie mercury youtube comments justin bieber - 7079278848
Created by Unknown

Sadness, in Youtube Comment Form

Via Brown Cardigan

Your Comment is at a 7, We Need You to Take it Down to a 3

Via Brown Cardigan

Riddle Me This, Science!

Via Fermats_Last_Account

Such Talent

singing youtube comments - 7066896384
Created by Unknown

Why Can't We All Respect That We're All the Worst?

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Writing a Check Your Tush(hole) Can't Cash

Via I Heart Chaos
comments youtube song youtube comments Video - 69204737

A Ballad for Youtube Comments

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Music lyrics youtube comments - 68184065

The Decemberists Turn Crappy Youtube Comments into Beautiful Lyrics

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High Folks Are Easy to Please

drugs marijuana 420 youtube comments - 8428339456
Via Brown Cardigan

The Fans Are the Important Part

youtube puns youtube comments spelling - 8397197056
Via Brown Cardigan

There Are Two Kinds of Youtube Comments...

your mom youtube youtube comments burn - 8394182400
Via HyperPotato
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