guy accidentally spends 800 dollars on wine | TIFU by getting exchange rate wrong and spending $800 on bottle wine M So been living Japan almost two years now and have been seeing girl about six months. Today being Valentine's Day made reservations course meal at hotel restaurant.

Dude Accidentally Spends $800 on Wine

Well at least it tasted nice.
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Entitled customers want bigger glasses for their wine and the bartender maliciously complies | r/MaliciousCompliance wworrall They wanted bigger glass, so he gave them bigger glass. My parents and were on vacation few years back, and hanging out at Hotel bar. This place one those places cheap, but everyone who stayed there thought they were better than everyone else couple (Male Female) walked talking about Nice and quaint bar looked. They sat down at table next us were supposed order

Customers Want Bigger Wine Glasses, Bartender Maliciously Complies

Their entitlement was off the charts.
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Outtakes from Orson Welles acting in a Wine Commercial Bloopers.

The Time Drunk Orson Welles Did A Wine Commercial

A total classic.
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funny restaurant fails

Server Accidentally Serves $4500 Bottle, Restaurant Is Actually Cool About It

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jokes about bathtub tray

Woman Points out Hilarious Ignorance of Bathtub Tray Manufacturers

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first date

Nervous Couple's Wholesome First Date Will Warm Your Cold Soul

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fail memes

21 Absurdly Unfortunate Moments That'll Put Things in Perspective

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bad names

37 Filthily-Named Products That'll Dirty up Your Pantries

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wine - 85797121

Take My Wine, Please, But Only If It's Cheap Because Expensive Wine Is a Waste of Money

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wine - 1606149

Photographer Takes Photos of People Before and After Three Glasses of Wine and Proves That 'Happy Hour' is Aptly Named

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cheese FAIL wine Video - 84464897

Some Sick Devil out There Is Producing Cheese Shot Glasses for the Next Wine Party, and I Don't Know What to Feel Right Now

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Hero of the Day: Woman Turns Water Into Wine... Thanks To A Fridge Hack

woman on twitter turns refrigerator water dispenser into wine dispenser
Via @iliketweet

Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

Parenting FAILS television wine - 6423079680
By Unknown

This Is Not Dating Wine

We Are Dating wine - 5285558528
By Unknown

Being the Wine-Loving Aunt Has it's Perks

funny parenting fail kid stuck in wine rack
Via Drhardway1111

Well It is Open Now

FAIL wine - 8815737600
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