white people

White People

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Kansas State Student Sends a Blackface Snapchat and Instantaneously Feels the Wrath of the Internet

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Every White Man

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Murdering Cool Since Forever

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Saturday Night Live Shows How Ridiculous the Controversy Around Beyoncé's New Song Really Is

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Hashtags of The Day: Twitter Imagines Thanksgiving For Black, White and Hispanic Families

Hashtags of The Day: Twitter Imagines Thanksgiving in Black, White and Hispanics
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cars FAIL Video white people - 75363585

The Whip and Nae Nae Are Dead (And This Priority Motorsports Video Was the Final Nail in the Coffin)

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This Pep Rally Footage Shows Exactly Why White People Should Reconsider Letting Anyone Watch Them Whip and/or Nae Nae

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guns teens white people Video - 74771713

This is the Paradigm of Tweenage Suburbia Boredom

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brooklyn white people parents - 74521345

White Privilege of the Day: Watch the Caucasian Man Who "Settled" Brooklyn Scream at Parents About Their Stroller

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She's Vegan

boat white people Video - 73672449

This Family Boating Trip Turned Out to be a Great Video for Clyde Carson's "Slow Down"

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dancing vine reaction white people - 73130497

Turn Down For What?

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That Was Definitely JFK's Original Intentions

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What, You Don't Like Public Dog Play or Something?

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Catching the Elusive White Girl

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Hair Color, Racism, Same Thing Right?

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