lights out wedding idea

Bride Makes Plans To Have Wedding In Complete Darkness, Doesn't Get Why This Might Be A Bad Idea

Well, it's a novel concept.
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aita wedding family - 16977413

Aunt Planning Wedding Supports Non-Binary Nibling, Draws Ire of Their Parents

A soon-to-be auntie stood up for her non-binary nibling's best interest when she told them that she did not expect them to wear a dress to her wedding. With a streak of empathy that the parents themselves lack, she was able to see how uncomfortable the prospect of wearing a dress was making her future nibling. The parents are angry and demand that she changes her stance, but she is fairly sure that what she is doing is the right thing. I mean, all other ethical justifications aside… It's her we…
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Karen boss tells nanny she's abandoning her kids by going to her sister's wedding

Karen Boss Insists Nanny Is Selfish For Taking Time Off To Attend Sister's Wedding

Good one, lady.
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ruined wedding stories

People Share Times They Attended A Ruined Wedding

There's a spectrum.
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aita friends relationships wedding - 16905989

Terrible Maid of Honor Drops Out of Friend's Wedding When Brother Reveals His Secret Love

This Maid of Honor decided to drop out of her best friend's wedding at the last minute after the Maid of Honor's brother revealed that he had been secretly in love with her friend for years. Her friend and her brother had had a fling six years prior, just before her friend had met her now-fiancé. The brother never got over being dumped by the friend and his revelation has caused his sister to betray her friend of twelve years. This thread was posted to r/AITA (Am I the A--Hole) by the Maid of H…
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aita bride wedding - 16905733

Fiancé's Family is Forcing This Bride to Ignore Her Cultural Norms at Her Own Wedding

Good luck marrying into this family.
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woman skips mother's 5th wedding for job interview, gets job

Woman Skips Mother's 5th Wedding For Job Interview, Internet Supports It

Seems like it was the better choice.
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trashy weddings people attended

People Share The Most Terrifically Trashy Weddings They've Attended

Dinner and a show.
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guy brings up brother's affair in wedding speech

Brother Stands Up For Cheated On Ex, Demolishes Brother In Wedding Speech

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bride Crazy Brides friends relationships wedding - 15984901

Choosing Beggar Bride Insists Seamstress Friend Make Her A Wedding Dress For Free

Some people just expect everything for free.
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wedding engagement - 15176453

Jerk Step-Brother Hijacks Engagement Party With His Baby's Gender Reveal

Step-brother decides to announce his child's gender at his siblings engagement party
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Bride's father rips her dress during wedding ceremony - People share stories about the worst things they've ever witnessed at weddings

35 Horrendous Stories About the Worst Things People Ever Witnessed at Weddings

You're going to want to read every one of these.
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aita bride sisters parenting wedding sister bridezilla Reddit weddings children - 16310789

Bride Loses it When Sister Brings Her "Child" to Bride's Childfree Wedding, That Child is 19 Years Old

Since when is 19 years old a child?
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Best man decides to roast the bridezilla during a scathing wedding toast.

Best Man Roasts Bridezilla With Wedding Toast, Drama Ensues

Probably best to keep that temper in check.
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wedding FAILS FAIL - 15827973

Ridiculous Wedding FAILs That Were Brought About By Poor Choices

Weddings. Events designed for debauchery and poor decision making.
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Bride asks if she was in the wrong for letting husband's family skip vegan wedding

Carnivore Family Member Refuses To Attend Vegan Wedding, Bride Consults Reddit

Come on now.
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