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'My stuff was more precious to me than her dignity': Girl steals $12,000 worth of watches and jewelry from her cousin's bedroom, gets caught in the act then offended when he goes through her bag

When a family member becomes financially successful and is moving forward in life, why is it that hangers-on and fringe members of the family feel entitled to a piece of their success? Your cousin may be buying fancy jewelry and accessories with their new-found cash, but that certainly doesn't entitle you to a piece of their diamond encrusted pie.
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Veteran's watch gets appraised for 500-700K and he is happy about it.

Veteran Finds Out His Watch is Worth Up To 700K

He has a right to be floored.
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Watch the Ease of This Miniature Rube Goldberg Machine

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Come on and Slam, and Welcome to the Useless Luxury Product

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The Real Reason the New Gold Apple Watch Costs $10,000

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7 Things to Buy Instead of a $10,000 Gold Apple Watch

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One Man's $6 Thrift Store Watch is Another's $35,000 Auction Item

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What Time is It?

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In Case Your Wrist Was in Need of a Little Silliness

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A Wristwatch For Diehard Dali Fans

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The Future is Passive-Aggressive Watches

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A Macabre Twist on the Classic Pocket Watch

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Still Waiting for That Bus...

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The Best Watch Ever

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Zone Out to This Incredible Footage of a Watch Being Made by Hand

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Star Wars Watch AND a Cat Backpack?

Cats backpack darth vader star wars poorly dressed watch g rated - 8329276928
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