Wasp appears in guy's bathroom, and he fails at taking it out when he has the chance | So wake up and head bathroom take my morning shit open door and hear buzzing and notice Satan himself has decided pay visit and is flying about my shower curtains immediately noped out there and begin brainstorming kill this bastard had determined point entry my window as slightly ajar seal weak point and prepare suit up then spend next 20 minutes putting on multiple layers clothing, 2 pairs socks going on top

Wasp Spawns In Guy's Bathroom, Duel Ensues

The wasp is victorious.
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Two Louisiana Beekeepers Crack Jokes In A Car That's Covered In Bees

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Professional Takes Down Scary Huge Yellow Jacket Nest

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Absolute Madman Gets Stung By Executioner Wasp

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Costa Rican President Swallows Wasp During Interview, Handles It Like a Fearless Champ

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The Science Behind Bees and Wasps

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Meet a Newly Discovered Wasp Species: The Ampulex Dementor

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Surface Tension Is Weird

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Wasps Are Horrible Creatures

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