I'm Just a Carnivore, Except for Spinach and Lettuce

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Every Day is a New Day! Now, Who Has a Light?

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Your Secret is Safe With Us

fast food irony license plate vegan vegetarian - 8234551552
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You're Really Bringing Down the Tone of This Conversation

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Gotta Wash All That Chard Out of Your System

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If You're So Cool, Why Aren't You Getting Bypass Surgery From all the Bacon?

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Fido Really Isn't Interested in Your Kale Lifestyle

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To be Fair, Who Can Resist Mexican Food?

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Vegan, But Without All That Vegan Crap

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A Message for All the Meat Eaters Out There

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My Kind of Pyramid

pizza vegan failbook g rated - 7815689472
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Way to Take One for the Team, Cows

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Animal Lover

vegan vegetarian - 6900518144
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That's Not How It Works...

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Celebrity Endorsement WIN

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Big Chunks o' Meat WIN

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