Valentines day

And What a Gift it Is

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Valentine's Cards From a Mad Scientist

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My Guess Is He Was Forced Down the Garbage Disposal

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Things People With Dates Can't Do on Valentine's Day

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What if You Had a Secret Admirer Who Didn't Know Who You Were?

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Still Looking For a Valentine's Day Gift Idea?

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Sometimes You Just Need to Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

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The Gene Parmesan Valentine

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Don't Make This Mistake Today!

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In Honor of Valentine's Day, Let's Put Every Year's Most Popular Breakup Song Written by Men From 1960 to 2014

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Paul Gale Captures the Truth of Being Single on Valentine's Day, And It's So True That It Hurts

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Ice Cold, Right There

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Probably Safer to By Condoms Instead of Flowers Then.

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Valentine's Advice From Older Couples

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You've Never Seen Valentine's Deals Like This

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17 Funny Video Game Valentines

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