frustrating FAIL box package usps postal service funny Video delivery - 101142273

USPS Driver Manhandles Box like It Owes Him Money

He does not like this box.
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Post Office FAIL

irony tax dollars at work usps - 5706096896
By Muki

Ask Them to Draw Something on the Package. Chances Are You Won't Be Disappointed.

packages usps jurassic park delivery dinosaurs - 6599820288
By Unknown

"For My Convenience," Huh?

postal service usps vending machine - 6482093568
By Unknown

The Very Definition of Convenience

facepalm usps funny - 7892610304
By Unknown
usps package delivery monday thru friday g rated - 55232513

USPS Driver Drives Onto Customer's Lawn to Deliver a Package

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Looks Like Netflix Forgot to Add a 'Do Not Burn' Sticker

usps package delivery netflix - 6514774272
By Unknown

Desk Made of Free USPS Boxes: Easy to Move!

boxes desks Office usps funny - 7565639168
By Unknown

You're Fired Six Ways From Sunday, Mr. Mailman!

mail mailman postal service usps - 6242838784
By meganeguard (Via Ignant)

HP Printer Tray Broke, So...

package usps printer - 7078379776
By Randall Rocks

Shipping FAIL

shipping mistake usps - 6664908544
By tehyar

Maybe You Should Take Up Wizardry

dhl fedex gandalf i hate my job package shipping UPS usps - 6554903808
By _AfterDarkness_

The World is Full of Bastards and You Fit the Bill Nicely

delivery mailbox package package delivery usps - 6529681664
By Unknown

USPS Bicycle Delivery Wasn't the Best Idea

delivery package shipment usps - 6461919232
By Unknown

Go to Hell, Dog!

dogs mailman postal service usps - 6352404480
By Unknown

Slight Detour FAIL

geography tax dollars at work usps - 5762109440
By medium_jock
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