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People share holiday sweaters on Twitter and these are actually amazing.

Twitter's Sharing Their Ugly Holiday Sweaters And These Are Actually Amazing

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list internet christmas tree Memes ugly sweater - 1285125

This Woman/Christmas Tree Didn't Win First Place at Her Office and the Internet Will Not Stand for It

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No One Has a Unique Sweater Party

poorly dressed ugly sweater - 8440276992
Via IceMermaid946

Well Played, Sir

mirror poorly dressed sweater ugly sweater duct tape g rated - 8413743616
Via hedgehog15

The Ugly Christmas Sweater of Beer

beer christmas funny ugly sweater - 8404376064
Via Birdmony

Make Your Own!

christmas poorly dressed ugly sweater sweater - 8380669184
Via Target

Whiskey Almost Makes This Sweater Cooler

jack daniels whiskey ugly sweater funny - 8043120640
By Unknown

I Don't Want to Play Reindeer Games with This Guy

christmas ugly sweater sweater poorly dressed - 7960072192
By Unknown

This Ugly Sweater-Shirt Has Some Wise Wisdom

fashion alcohol christmas ugly sweater after 12 - 7962035968
By Unknown

Get Your Christmas Shopping Done in One Place

christmas ugly sweater sweater g rated poorly dressed - 7937942784
By Unknown

From Couch-Blanket to Sweater!

fashion ugly sweater sweater - 7922336512
By Unknown
Video ugly sweater sweater christmas - 56690945

Evolution of the Ugly Christmas aSweater

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This Overly Festive Sweater Must Have Been a Gift

fashion ugly sweater hanukkah g rated - 7925872128
By Unknown

This is What the First Sweater Made with a 3D-Dot-Matrix Printer Would Look Like

fashion ugly sweater hanukkah - 7925870592
By Unknown

Whoa, That's a Lot of 3D Dreidels on a Sweater

fashion FAIL ugly sweater hanukkah - 7925868800
By Unknown

Sweater Weather and the Day After Canadian Thanksgiving

reindeer sweater ugly sweater holidays - 7853176064
By Unknown
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