Ugliest Tattoos

Funny stories of bad tattoo choices | ReverendAISharkton 5.9k points 20 hours ago getting work done and receptionist came speak with artist. She had someone at front desk looking quote on "Barbed wire starting around his wrist and wrapping around his arm all way up shoulder about nothing, because 's stupid and won't do Oh, uh, okay tell him He looked at and said Sometimes have be good taste police did Nike Swoosh once broke and still regret

Tattoo Choices That Had People Asking Questions

It's good to think twice sometimes.
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A collection of tattoo fails that are truly bizarre | creepy feminine eyes with long lashes tattooed on the back of a bald person's head | If U STAY, GO. STAY DO IT EVER TODAY

Strange, Awkward, And Puzzling Tattoos

The regret must've been real.
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Weird, bad, ugly and misspelled tattoo fails | tattoo down a spine that reads prome queen | angel's halo and the words dad's aingel

Regrettable Tattoos That Must Be Hard to Have

Oh man.
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bad FAIL bad idea tattoos cursed images Ugliest Tattoos funny - 8678149

19 Cursed Tattoos That We Don't Wanna Deal With

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bad taste good execution of a mustache shaved into a beard and cockroach coffee art

27 Creations of Awful Taste but Great Execution

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cringe tattoo fail

19 Really Not Great Tattoos People Went Through With

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FAILS pics bad tattoos Ugliest Tattoos - 5349637

18 Tattoo Fails That Need to Be Lasered off Immediately

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Guy Gets His Girlfriends Name Tattooed on His Neck After 4 Months of Dating And People Are Freaking Out

Guy Gets Girlfriend's Name Tattooed on His Neck After Four Months of Dating And People Are Freaking Out

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One Direction (is Wrong)

FAIL tattoo Ugliest Tattoos - 8817768960
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Hopefully That's a Sponsored Tattoo and She Got Paid Already

FAIL tattoos Ugliest Tattoos - 8818057472
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This is Why You Don't Cheap Out on Jesus

FAIL tattoos Ugliest Tattoos image - 8797389568
By Unknown

Tattoo-Eyebrow on FAIL

FAIL eyebrows tattoos Ugliest Tattoos - 8607818752
By Rondavouz

Damn Man, Back at it Again With the Regretful Tattoos

funny tattoo image guy gets damn daniel meme leg tatttoo
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When You Only Thug a Little Bit

FAIL tattoos Ugliest Tattoos spelling - 8582122240
By june24ma (Via no)
donald trump tattoos Ugliest Tattoos Video - 73913345

Everyone Loses When You Play Horrible Tattoo Roulette

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Gotta Protect Your Crack Somehow!

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