Job offers 20 dollars and hour and pays 10, calling it a typo

Job Offers $20 An Hour, Pays $10, Tries To Call It A Typo

Oh that's upsetting.
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Coworker makes point to not mention typos, ends up wasting $90K

Employee Told Not To Mention Typo, Company Loses $90K

Typos are importnat.
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New landlords try to use contract typo to get tenant to pay more money, it doesn't work | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/toastisuseful 12 hours ago 'Give us more money or evict Go ahead oC L few years ago my best friend and rented tiny 2 bedroom flat together. This place kind terrible; my friend's room had hole cut into wall so last foot bed would fit (this became mantlepiece next room kitchen size child's playhouse kitchen and upstairs neighbours spent all ours day and night screaming at e

New Landlords Try to Exploit Typo to Raise Rent, Doesn't Work

They almost pulled a sneaky.
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Typo results in a hilarious typo in the State Of The Union address.

Typo Results In Hilarious State Of The Union Invitation Fail

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You're Not Gonna Believe This, But There's a Typo on Trump's Official Inauguration Poster Because Why Wouldn't There Be

fail trump inauguration photo typo
Via @donnacarrwest

Scattergories is Tough

board games common sense typo WoW - 5998889984
Created by kayquinn

High In The Sky FAIL

drugs school typo - 5448299776
Created by JW

Well We Know When Happy Hour is Here

sign FAIL typo - 8967484160
Created by cataff ( Via __ )

Always Proofread

memorial day news FAIL typo classic - 8217123840
Via xaxor

Want Washboard Abs? Join a Blowing Club

typo failbook - 8757048320

It's Highly Likely That She Didn't Proofread Her Resumé

FAIL job typo resume - 8761306880
Created by reedisbig

A Typo Might Be the Only Thing Separating You From Chores and a Jail Sentence

funny social media fail weather and chores typo
Via @Failbook

This Australian Magazine's Typo Predicts Oprah Immortality

funny fail image Australian Magazine's Typo Predicts Oprah Immortality
Via @ABCmediawatch

Watch Out East Coast, the Weather is About to Crappy

facebook hurricane erika typo
Via mk

Stupid Plant

comment futurama typo youtube youtube comment - 6180036608

Pubic Affairs Are The Best Affairs

Via bitsandpieces
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