31 Job Ad Typos And Fails That Will Give Your OCD A Stress Headache

Are we being too nitpicky or others too careless? One thing's for sure; if you read enough of these, your OCD tendencies will come alive with teeth-grinding frustration like NO OTHER. 

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fail trump inauguration photo typo
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Just a heads up, Trump team. Those red squiggly lines you're seeing all over your documents, those indicate spelling errors. The green ones are for grammatical errors. Glad we got that cleared up. But it seems I'm still too late. Because whether they're under the word "attak" or the name "DeBois," you guys just ignore it.  

The latest is one for all times. The Library of Congress has added a poster of the reality-TV gameshow host who's now pretending that everyone who disagrees with him is paid to do so with a typo on it, and come one, guys, get it together. 

via Mashable

The poster reads "No dream is too big, no challenge is to great. Nothing we want for the future is beyond our reach." TO. TOO. TWO. Do we need to get you some Hooked On Phonics or something. 

They have since fixed the error, but man, what is going on in Washington. Did Trump accidentally drain the competence instead of the swamp? 

Either way, for the next four years, we're Rhinna. 

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