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Karen Makes Neighborhood Miserable, Gets Fined, Goes Bankrupt

Man oh man, this Karen was on one. Sounds like she was running around the neighborhood meddling in everyone's affairs, and bringing all kinds of negative chaos to the otherwise peaceful neighborhood. Well, eventually Karen took it too far. She shouldn't have messed with those orchards. Fast forward, and she ended up being fined, going bankrupt, and having to sell her property. Ouch.

Karen makes neighborhood miserable, so she proceeds to get fined, and goes bankrupt | r/NuclearRevenge Join u/gustavotherecliner 332d told this belonged here. Bitch tries destroy my orchard destroy her life. Sorry, might get bit long. TL;DR at bottom. Well, lets start few years past. My great grandparents planted an orchard is now at least 120 years old. My grandparents and my parents were really proud peach trees growing and did their best keep them good health and well always threw big party p
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