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28 Ridiculous Examples of Cartoon Logic That Made Us Like Cartoons Even More

Sometimes an animator is left with a problem like "how do I make this character use chopsticks if their hand is a literal fingerless stump?" The pragmatic solutions they've found are goofy as hell, and the absurdness they bring are a hallmark of animation. And then the other half are like "oh yeah, that's kind of stupid."

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Woman Posts Engagement Photos With Life-Size Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Balloon Leonardo
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Turtle love is bodacious, dude!

That's what Jenn Kaminski, a self-described "unemployed creative" in LA, wants you to know. She's found true love, which just happens to be in the shape of a life-size Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo balloon.

The happy couple posted their announcement on Facebook this week in a set of hilarious engagement photos.

"Me and my bae decided to take a couple's photo shoot today. I think we look great," Kaminski wrote.

With the help of three of her friends, Kaminski was able to capture these precious moments forever. But why did they go through all of this trouble?

"We simply had a birthday balloon, an overabundance of free time and too many engagement photos in our Newsfeeds," they wrote.

Best wishes on your impending nuptials, Jenn and Leonardo. May your life be filled with years and years of pizza!