Roman Numeral FAIL

oops roman numerals tattoo - 5323080704
By Joe

Hey Babe, Wanna Be My Sixth Mistake?

breaking up ex list tattoo We Are Dating - 5267223808
By jackjohn (Via

Tattoo WIN

academics art philosophy school science smart tattoo - 5252567040
By maxystone

The Most Badass Way to Get Over Your Ex

breaking up ex tattoo We Are Dating - 5240889344
By Unknown (Via

Be Careful Who You Tag in Photos of Your Ass

drunk facepalm oh snap tattoo teacher - 5210182144
By Awesome

He Didn't Have the Year Listed on His Profile

oops tattoo - 5181577216
By Unknown

The Gold Teeth Are Because He's Gangsta, the Checkers Because He Really Really Likes Chess

tattoo - 5152944640
By Unknown

You're Far From A Proofreader

facepalm grammar really spelling tattoo - 5126567936
By GrammarNazi

Every Single One

all the things booze drink tattoo - 5105517824
By Teabags

Gee I Wonder Why

tattoo thong - 5072852992
Via Ghetto Red Hot

Or Unless They Are Hammered

children kids piercings sign tattoo - 5012390144
By Unknown


tattoo fail with misspelled word Strengths as Strenghens
By Unknown

Fetch Me the Strongest Magnet You Have

piercings rings tattoo - 4993373952
By maxystone

At Least She'll Bounce Back Quickly

facepalm spelling tattoo your friends are laughing at you - 4953763328
By tcbtommy

Permanent Mistake

oh snap spelling tattoo - 4900497152
friends profile pic tattoo Video - 20881153


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