I Don't Want My MTV

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A Day at the Beach

beach sunburn tan - 6378617600

The First Day of Summer is the Worst

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Please Say That's Spray-Tan

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Try { String Command = "Get a Tan";

Hall of Fame summer tan - 6312940032

Bros: The Alternative to the Tank-Top Sunburn

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Poorly Dressed: This is The Cost You Pay for Crocs!

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Good Game of Basketball, I Assume?

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Lobsters Are in Season AND in Style!

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Created by thirichan

Regular and Barbecue

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She's Ready for the Road Warrior Future

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Toddlers & Tanning

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There's "Back in Black"

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The Color Contrast Here is Amazing

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Created by Unknown

Maybe I Won't Ask for Her Digits...

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The Spray-Tan Doubles as a Reflective Visibility Jacket

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