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fail taco 25000 dollar taco
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How much does your taco cost? 

If you're about to say $1, I'm going to stop you right there. It's time to think outside the Bell and invest in a $25,000 taco, ok? The chef at Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort in Mexico City is making a taco that costs $25,000. Now, that's more like it. 

Now what goes into a taco of such decadence? What else but a corn tortilla with 24 carat gold flakes in it, along with kobe beef, shrimp, Almas Beluga caviar, black truffle Brie cheese and a salsa made from Morita chiles and civet coffee, a "pricey liquid made from the fermented droppings of a civet which has eaten the berries of a coffee plant," says Yahoo!

If that wasn't enough, they sprinkle gold flakes on top, because that's how people like me eat. However, don't even think about doing a little dine and dash on this guy: You have to put down a $12,500 deposit and stay in the presidential suite to eat it. Enjoy at your own risk.

Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go eat my third of the day. Yeah, I'm spending $75,000 on tacos today. 

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fail picture taco bell wedding dress
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Under any other circumstances, a wedding dress made of Taco Bell wrappers would be strange, but again, it's 2017, the year when a reality-TV gameshow host became president, so....

Diane Nguyen and her fiancé, Nick Ward, want one of those Las Vegas Taco Bell weddings, and they'll do just about anyhting to get it. If that includes making a wedding dress out of Taco Bell wrappers, then so be it. At least it wouldn't be the weirdest thing to happen this year. 

Here's Diane's full story, and if you want to vote for her, follow the link in the picture.

I made a wedding dress out of burrito wrappers

fail taco bell wedding
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I don't even know what to say anymore. If you love a good crunchwrap supreme and that weird sandwich taco thing best expresses the love you have for your "soulmate," I guess today's your lucky day. Now you can have a wedding at Taco Bell, and, Jesus, what are we even doing anymore? 

According to Taco Bell's Chief Marketing Officer Marisa Thalberg, you can now "order a wedding off of our menu." This is only available at Taco Bell's new Las Vegas Strip flagship location, which will forever be known  as the center of love and romance in the universe because we are all trash. 

This $600 package starts in summer 2017 and includes:

• A ceremony in the chapel inside the restaurant with an ordained officiant within as little as four hours 

• Private area for a reception inside the restaurant with up to 15 of your closest family and friends

• Custom merchandise, including a sauce packet garter and bow tie, “Just Married” T-shirts for the bride and groom, Taco Bell branded champagne flutes and, of course, a Taco 12 Pack filled with tacos and a Cinnabon Delights cake for dessert

• A Sauce Packet bouquet is also available for the bride to use during the ceremony

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You hear that? Not only do you get a t-shirt,but you get a 12 pack of tacos and a "sauce packet bouquet," the perfect start to a diarehetic wedding night, which, if I'm not mistaken, was the subject of one of Shakespeare's sonnets. God, humanity is garbage. 

Do you want to one of these people:

Live Mas.

taco bell releases naked chicken chalupa
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Following in the "food" steps of Col. Sanders and his disturbing “Double Down” sandwich, Taco Bell is about to get in the “let’s just use chicken to hold the chicken” game.

The Naked Chicken Chalupa throws away the tortilla and just uses crispy fried chicken as the holder of your standard taco filling. It's like they finally realized that we're wasting time with the whole living like civilized people thing. 

Taco Bell explains it’s new Frankenfood:

“Something this delicious yet different is bound to ruffle some feathers; some might even cluck their tongues at it,” Marisa Thalberg, chief marketing officer at Taco Bell Corp said in a press release. “However, we feel confident that once our fans get a taste of the Naked Chicken Chalupa they are going to understand exactly why this is our next big, fun and craveable innovation, following in the footsteps of the Doritos Locos Tacos five years ago and the Quesalupa just last year.”

Taco Bell has gone completely insane, and it's great. 

You'll be able to get your new Naked Chicken Chalupa on January 26, so start making your necessary doctor's appointments now. 

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