Guy accidentally orders the IKEA of sweaters and shares a Twitter thread about the experience | tweet by Dan Sheehan @ltsDanSheehan Losing my mind because ordered thought very affordable wool sweater (like Chris Evans Knives Out obviously Norwegian website and got raw materials necessary create said sweater myself obra per kan vaskes hånd elle maskin på ullprogram. Bru ulvaskemiddel, Einul fra norske merinosaun eine Na som ge den gode das Merino et egner seg godt både oving og farging. Lebrasa

Twitter Thread: Guy Accidentally Orders The IKEA Of Sweaters

Hilariously stupid.
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twitter kitten sweater Cats rescue - 1018629

Kitten Found During Hurricane Matthew Becomes Twitter Famous Thanks to a Tube Sock

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christmas list sweater - 696325

You Can Rock the Vote Around the Christmas Tree in These Ugly Political Holiday Sweaters

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If You Didn't Catch This Limited Hotline Bling Sweater, You'll Have to Rely On Your Dance Moves

win limited edition Hotline Bling sweater is over already
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He's a Real Meow-benezer Scrooge

christmas Grumpy Cat sweater - 7939534080
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Two Untrue Facts

fashion wtf sweater - 7979044096
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Who Turned Off the Lights?

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Here Comes a Scholar...

sweater college - 7400416768
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Now in Pizza Form!

poorly dressed pizza sweater - 8405210624
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Something About These Numbers Just Don't Quite Add Up...

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Hope You Wanted Another Shade on That Shirt!

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They're Watching You

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Because It's Just Impractical to Wear an Actual Aquarium

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There's No Other Way to Say It

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For Some it Was a Monumental Day, for Shatner it Was Just a Friday

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Sometimes Clothing Has Unexpected Hazards

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