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It's Not Summer Until Someone Brings Out the Old Jet Board

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Let's Just Hop Over the Island on This Kiteboard, Shall We?

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It's Perfect Photographic Timing When Surfer Mick Fanning Gets a Champagne Bath

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Wetsuits That Will Keep Everyone a Little Dry

Via Brown Cardigan
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Stealing a Boat Wake for Some Good Times!

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In Germany, One of the Best Surfing Spots is a River in the Middle of Town

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This Surfboard Lets You Get Above the Waves!

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How Can He Even Catch This Wave?

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No Surfboard Required

jesus poorly dressed t shirts surfing - 8421912576
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Take in These Waves at 1000 Frames Per Second

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Here's What a Pro Surfer Sees Inside a Perfect Wave

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Surfer Laird Hamilton Shoots the Pier on a Massive Wave

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We're One Step Closer to Hoverboards, at Least on the Water

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This is Like, Totally the Most Radical Surfing Interview, Bro

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Don't Mind Me, Just Dropping in

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This is Just an Ordinary Day in the Life of an Amazing Quadriplegic Surfer

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