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‘Your new squeeze Darren can pay [the bills] now’: Meal-ticket boyfriend gets the ultimate payback on a cheating ex, leaving her with 3 months of unpaid bills

Financial parasites can hunt for prey in a lot of ways, but the easiest targets are always the ones with generous spirits and a bleeding heart. While not everyone is wary of their romantic suitors in this department (especially if you're not particularly wealthy), disillusion doesn't mean that you're safe from a parasitic girlfriend or boyfriend.
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AITA for kicking a girl out of my party for calling her boyfriend “daddy?”

'She would always refer to her boyfriend as daddy': Girl gets kicked out of party after calling her BF 'Daddy' all night, internet reacts

It may be the age of the Daddy, but let's not overdo it in a party setting.
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AITA for telling my mom "Good! Now we are both sugar babies"?

'Now we are both sugar babies': Mom gets called out for being a hypocrite

This mother-daughter relationship became toxic when the Mom started accusing her daughter of being a sugar baby when she too would get showered with gifts and money from her current boyfriend.
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sugar daddy ghost

Woman Condemns Dead Sugar Daddy In Viral Eulogy, Says He's Haunting Her

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reddit choosing beggars show what getting free stuff is not all about

15 Ridiculous Cheapskates Who Are a Burden on Society

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twitter FAIL trolling social media ridiculous sugar daddy win - 7054597

Man Trolls Multiple Women On Twitter By Pretending To Be A Sugar Daddy

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Guy tweets a crazy story about his cousin finding out that her sugar daddy is her biological father.

Guy Tweets Story About His Cousin Finding Out Horrifying Truth About Her Sugar Daddy

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Papa Murphy Would Also Be Okay

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It's Still a Job

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One Discreet Roomate

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You Don't Want a Splenda Daddy

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This Can't Be Any Worse Than an Unpaid Internship

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Looking for Someone Who Can Finally Take you to Chili's?

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Doesn't Everybody Want a Sugar Daddy?

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Sugar Daddy for Hire

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Patrick Stewart: The Most Desirable Elder Life Partner

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