German guy tries to name all 50 states and hilarity ensues | Factoid Dollar Bin Diver team TBD @factoid_twitch Replying TSchmidtbsuer Everything is Biggerer Texas Two. washington? This also feds North Texas ohio Oreo wish? this wisconsin Dakota? Minnesota Wyoming Square Arizona Kansas? this is rave New Jersey, New Mexico AND new York cereal def ohio Nevada Kansas! west. this just Screams OHIO Alabama Mountain mama Virgin AAAAA take home OHIO where is Kansas? wist

German Guy Attempts Naming All 50 States, Hilarity Ensues

He tried his best.
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Geography 101: Can You Name Them?

australia geography states funny - 8396450048
Via Willdosexforkarma

The Spud Life

states tattoos - 4323077888
Created by PonytaBoo

Source: Science

Cartoon - + Somebody Tried To Tell Me There Was 50 States In America. Nuh Uh Cause The Scientists Found Out That Pluto Dont Exist. We Got 49 Dumbass.
Created by Unknown

America (as Labeled by an Australian)

australia america states - 7878008064
Created by Unknown

The 100 States of America

united states geography states us states failbook g rated - 4775282944
Created by Unknown

United States of I Don't Want To Live Here Anymore

history idiots states funny - 7718563072
Created by Emma


washington dc florida new york geography North Carolina states - 7722276096
Created by Unknown

Despite Not Being Accurate to The Map, This is Pretty Accurate For The Giant Fish Population

Minnesota tattoos fish states funny - 4600825088
Created by Unknown

97 Nifty States

united states geography states - 4856181504
Created by Eric J. Carter

Your Spelling Makes Me Missourible

oregon geography states spelling funny us states - 7533951232
Created by Unknown

It's the North Pole

Canada united states america geography states funny us states - 4937714944

Please Tell Me You're Trolling

Canada trolling geography states us states failbook g rated - 7340604416
Created by Unknown

Suddenly I Maryland Into Washington

washington dc washington states us states - 7208163328
Created by Unknown

Arizona, Uranus, Norway...

america states us states failbook g rated - 7160330240
Created by TheChiefXIV

Did You Know Montana is a State?

united states geography states failbook g rated - 7060201216
Created by Ace Venom
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