spray paint

Guy throws a knife at a can of spray paint, it sprays him and he screams.

Genius Throws Knife at Spray Paint Can

It goes about as well as you'd expect.
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slow motion spray paint Video - 81001729

Spray Paint Cans Exploding in Slow Motion Look Just as Cool as It Sounds

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Sidewalk Repair

sidewalk funny spray paint there I fixed it - 7728368640

Electrical Tape Spray-Painted to "Match"

cars Electrical tape funny spray paint - 7659625728
By FelineRanger
car fix car fail paint job spray paint g rated there I fixed it - 47444993

Romanian Pimp My Ride

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art of trolling graffiti spray paint Video - 41158657

Art of Trolling: I Got It Faded All the Way to a Light Gray

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Bat-Signal WIN

art batman Dark Knight Rises design spray paint - 6508713984
Via Obvious Winner

A Tarp and White Spray Paint Go a Long Way

car car hood duct tape hood spray paint tarp - 6108180224
By 2kittehcommittee

Edible Spray Paint WIN

color food graffiti spray paint - 5364542720
Via Neatorama

Between the Lines WIN

advice book graffiti hacked hidden reading is sexy spray paint - 5152582912
By Unknown

Built Wood Tough

dual use ford spray paint truck wood - 4833723136
By Unknown

<upsidedown>Hacked IRL: Clever Graffiti Artist is Clever</upsidedown>

clever graffiti hacked reflection spray paint upside down - 4791984128
By Unknown

Revenge WIN

cars revenge spray paint - 4779154432
By freeweaver


graffiti home improvement Mission Improbable physics spray paint windows - 3856497920
By BryOnRye


fort Kludge spray paint stable - 3792284928
By Unknown


car mod spray paint - 3226761728
By Unknown
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