13 reddit text images "should I have invited husband's son to christmas" | thumbnail grey background "His son lives only 15 minutes away, and we see him from time-to-time. He's not a bad guy, just very different to my husband and I. Later that day, my husband texted him to ask him to ask if he had enjoyed the rest of Xmas, to which he replied "Oh right, that's what today was, thanks for the chocolate and 3 minute visit". My husband was very upset by this, but I was outraged."

Wicked Stepmother Refuses To Invite Step-Son For Christmas, Says He 'Doesn't Fit In'

Get off your high horse
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Entitled-Controlling Husband “Allows” Wife to Keep Her Last Name, But Their Baby Has to Have His Name Only

Can this guy just go back to the 1950s?
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dad photoshopping his kid

Photoshopping Dad Makes His Baby Do Manly Things

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mom demanding free swimming lessons for son

Insane Entitled Mom Demands Woman Teach Her Son to Swim for Free

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Artist Dad Redraws His Son's Sketches as Jaw-Dropping Anime

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Talented Artist Dad Designs His Shy Son Awesome Lunch Bags to Help Make Friends

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Of Course Tom Brady's 9-Year-Old Son Dabbed After Catching a TD Pass From His Old Man

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Mother and Son Face Jail Time for Their Forbidden Love Affair

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Mom Takes Photos of Her Son's Adorable "Adult" Adventures

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Rise and Shine

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Some Things Never Change

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Love You Too, Mom

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I Can Count To Potato, Young Man

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Lost Child

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Anti-Crowd Following Dad Saves Kid

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Like Father, Like Son

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