'She got what she wanted—we decorated': Nosy new neighbor insists that couple decorate their house to "fit in to the area"

'She got what she wanted—we decorated': Nosy new neighbor insists that couple decorate their house to "fit in to the area"

When this woman marched over to her new neighbor's house , she wasn't there to greet them and welcome them to the town. She didn't bring along a plate of cookies, or offer to water the plants if they're out of town. Instead of doing any number of nice acts, this woman decided to chide her new neighbors over their house decorations (or lack thereof). First impressions matter. The couple who told this story in the r/MalciousCompliance subreddit know that all too well. Since their neighbor didn't…
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Tumblr thread on strange cold-blooded cave goat | RE tilthat Follow TIL cave goat went extinct approx. 5,000 years ago is first known mammal have become cold-blooded. Their bone growth rate is unlike any other mammal, and more similar crocodiles showing slow and adaptive rates environmental temperature. via http r-evolution-aries Follow goat's binomial name is Myotragus balearicus kind an oddball lot other ways, too, an example being had forward-facing eyes, giving stereoscopic vi

Tumblr Thread: The Cold-Blooded Freak Devil Cave Goat

It's understandably extinct.
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funny halloween lawn decor skeletons

Neighbors Change Their Skeletons Everyday And Spooky Comedy Gold Results

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Sad bad sucks annoying disaster pizza car skeleton eggs football mistake funny - 6674181

16 "That Sucks" Moments Ranging From "Ah Man" To "WHOA BABY"

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sports FAIL skeleton winter olympics - 359686

Olympian Fail! Elena Nikitina Misses Her Sled

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Welcome To The Bone Zone

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Business Skeleton

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Do You Ever Just Wanna...

skeleton work stress comic
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scuba skeleton weird Video - 70842369

Discovery of the Day: Snorkeler Finds Two Skeletons Having a ‘Tea Party’ Underwater in Arizona

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What a Cute Baby Dino!

dinosaur fossil funny science skeleton - 7925668608


monster skeleton skin skull - 6215453696

Tattoo All the Clichés!

cliches skeleton marilyn monroe - 7391794432
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advertisement feels skeleton restoring faith in humanity week Video - 69206017

Ad of the Day: These Digital Skeletons Will Give You The Feels

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This Is For Sale?!

wtf skeleton funny t rex - 8385682432
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Everyone Seems So Friendly Here

monday thru friday skeleton coworkers waving cubicle g rated - 8363996928
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Trick of the Day: Weatherman Does Forecast as Skeleton

halloween skeleton weatherman trick - 8365165568
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